Entrepreneurial Thinking & Business Design #For Engineers and Scientists

Innovate-build-learn: The formula for your Start-up

You have a brilliant tech idea for your own startup but you don’t know how to realize it?

You are interested in business design and product development but your’re lacking the background?

You want to accompany a startup from cardle to product launch but not only in theory?

Then the ETBD course is the perfect event for you! Master level students from all faculties meet up to create innovative business ideas with hands on training of methods and toolboxes. No matter which background you bring, teams are arranged based on their strengths. With a real minimum viable product or service at hand, teams pitch in front of their peers but also a jury of entrepreneurs and real investors.

You will discover…

  • Mentors during your whole development phase
  • Business workshops
  • Specialist tools and methods for your product design
  • Social events with renounced partner companies
  • Real pitch training and evaluation

That’s the thing you were looking for? Then register until 12 April 2020 on CampusOnline and elearning : https://elearning.uni-bayreuth.de/course/view.php?id=24698

For organizational questions, please contact vanessa.neubauer@bm.uni-bayreuth.de.